We have dedicated our time to create fun educational experiences for children all over the world, through serious games.

About the company.

Redalgo, is a Canadian-Brazilian company with extensive Agile development experience.  We have the technology and the knowledge to create interactive educational content, enabling the dissemination of knowledge with high quality entertainment.

Pedagogical Discipline 

The process of learning the alphabet, syllables or any other activity, only happens through the stimulation of the brain. Educational games, like Operation Cosmos , Candy Alphabet, Duck Vocabulary or Syllables are great for this purpose, since they stimulate the visual field and our motor skills, helping our kids think logically.

Our games are approved by various educational entities and have been used by more than 1 million children throughout the world.  Remember.. Our children’s literacy depends on the constant stimulation by the parents and by the school and cannot only depend of the maturity and free will of the child. So download a serious game today.